The 18 Best Fire Pokemon, Ranked (2023)

By Adriano Valente


Fire Pokemon are known to be some of the strongest in the franchise. These stand out as the best ones trainers can use.

The 18 Best Fire Pokemon, Ranked (1)

Fire-type Pokemon stand as some of the most popular in the entire franchise, with tons of representation and a reputation for being among the strongest in the games. Ever since the days of Charmander, the Fire-type starter has been a popular choice with budding young trainers eager to start their Pokemon journey. Plenty of powerful non-starters have helped shape the way fans feel about these red-hot Pokemon.

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Be it starters, legendaries, or anything in between, Fire-types are well represented in the Pokemon universe. A good Water-type can neutralize even the strongest of the bunch and so trainers have to get creative when considering certain match-ups. The best Fire-types can circumvent these weaknesses in some way or another, which is why they’re so popular with fans. There might be many options out there for trainers to explore, but these will always be the best possible one can have for a Fire-type.

Updated November 30th, 2022 by Russ Boswell:There have been a lot of amazing Pokemon added to the series thanks to the release of Generation 9, Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. Players that have been making there way across Paldea need to grab 400 Pokemon if they want to complete the Pokedex, including some fantastic new Fire types. To better showcase the best Fire-type Pokemon in the series, we've updated this article to now include some additions from the Paldea region. More entries have been added to this list, including a starter and Legendary from Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

18 Salazzle

The 18 Best Fire Pokemon, Ranked (2)
  • Highest Stat: Speed (117)
  • Best Nature: Timid
  • Weak To: Ground (4x), Rock (2x), Water (2x), Psychic (2x)

Getting Salazzle takes a little bit of trial and error, as it can only evolve from a female Salandit. Trainers who do put in the time to hunt one down will be rewarded with one of the best Fire-type Pokemon after a little bit of training.

Salazzle is a great glass cannon, as it doesn't have much going for it aside from its Speed and Special Attack. That shouldn't be an issue for trainers as long as they use it situationally and in the right matchups. While it does have quite a few weaknesses, Salazzle is also resistant to eight different types. Given how low its Defense and Special Defense are, neither is likely to matter all that much.

17 Camerupt

The 18 Best Fire Pokemon, Ranked (3)
  • Highest Stat: Special Attack (105)
  • Best Nature: Calm
  • Weak To: Ground (2x), Water (4x)

If Mega Evolutions were still a featured mechanic in the mainline games, Camerupt would likely rank higher. Regardless, it still stands as one of the best Fire-type Pokemon trainers can recruit into their party.

Camerupt won't win any races, but it has average defensive stats and can deal a fair amount of Physical and Special damage. Most of its most powerful moves get STAB, so trainers can be sure that they're going into battle with a bonafide asset regardless of what kind of build they favor.

16 Pyroar

  • Highest Stat: Special Attack (109)
  • Best Nature: Timid
  • Weak To: Ground (2x), Fighting (2x), Rock (2x), Water (2x)

Longevity might not be Pyroar's strong suit in battle, but the Fire/Normal-type has other uses that trainers can capitalize on. With middling defensive stats, Pyroar is best suited as a glass cannon. It does have a fairly high base HP stat, but virtually no defense.

Pyroar's learnset allows for trainers to take advantage of its high Special Attack stat, with tons of great moves to choose from. Its Fire/Normal typing gives it an immunity to Ghost-types while it's also resistant to six different types including Fairy.

15 Chandelure

The 18 Best Fire Pokemon, Ranked (5)
  • Highest Stat: Special Attack (145)
  • Best Nature: Modest
  • Weak To: Ground (2x), Rock (2x), Ghost (2x), Water (2x), Dark (2x)

Chandelure is a unique Pokemon that many trainers would be thrilled to have in their party. There aren't many like this Ghost/Fire-type in the franchise, and having it at hand during a given battle could be just what trainers need to turn the tide.

Its various weaknesses might scare some trainers off, but Chandelure more than makes up for that with its immunity to Normal and Fighting-type moves and seven different resistances. You won't find many Pokemon like this, so those in search of a reliable Fire-type should snag it if the opportunity presents itself.

14 Houndoom

The 18 Best Fire Pokemon, Ranked (6)
  • Highest Stat: Special Attack (110)
  • Best Nature: Timid
  • Weak To: Ground (2x), Fighting (2x), Rock (2x), Water (2x)

First introduced in the second generation, Houndoom was one of the new Dark-type Pokemon introduced at the time. A Dark/Fire-type, Houndoomj remains a solid option for trainers looking to add what might be one of the best Fire-type Pokemon in the series.

Mega Houndoom outshines the original in both design and stat distribution. But that shouldn't take away from Houndoom's effectiveness in battle. Its high Special Attack allows it to capitalize off of its learnset, and it should serve as a well-balanced Fire-type option for players to add one to the mix.

13 Delphox

The 18 Best Fire Pokemon, Ranked (7)
  • Highest Stat: Special Attack (125)
  • Best Nature: Modest
  • Weak To: Ground (2x), Water (2x), Rock (2x), Dark (2x), Ghost (2x)

Fennekin starts out as a pure Fire-type that gains a unique Fire/Psychic-typing when it evolves into Delphox. Most Fire-type starters that do take on a second type usually end up Fire/Fighting. This makes Delphox a desirable choice for any trainer looking to try something new.

High special attack and speed are what make Delphox such an asset on the battlefield. Though not quite a glass cannon, Delphox possesses mediocre defense but compensates for it with fantastic special defense. Moves like Future Sight, Flamethrower, and Fire Blast all get STAB alongside a bevy of others. So trainers have plenty of options when it comes to the Kalos starter.

12 Magmortar

The 18 Best Fire Pokemon, Ranked (8)
  • Highest Stat: Special Attack (125)
  • Best Nature: Mild
  • Weak To: Ground (2x), Water (2x), Rock (2x)

The Magmar tree is one of the more uniquely structured in the series, as the Pokemon initially did not evolve when it was first introduced in Gen I. It received a baby Pokemon in Gen with the introduction of Magby, while Gen II finished the line off with the inclusion of Magmortar.

Magmortar’s biggest weakness is its low base defense. Its mediocre base HP does it no favors either. Average speed makes it so that Magmortar will attack first in battle more often than not, which will allow it to take advantage of its incredibly high special attack. Fire Blast, Flamethrower, and Lava Plume all get STAB, and the potential to learn Solar Beam gives it an out against its various type weaknesses.

11 Skeledirge

The 18 Best Fire Pokemon, Ranked (9)
  • Highest Stat: Special Attack (110)
  • Best Nature: Modest / Quiet
  • Weak To: Ground (2x), Ghost (2x), Rock (2x), Water (2x), Dark (2x)

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet introduced three absolutely adorable starter Pokemon that immediately had fans in an uproar about their potential evolutions. After the game dropped and players got their hands on the creatures, they realized they'd shed their cut appearance for something far more stylized and elegant, with both Sprigatito and Quaxly evolving into something far more dance-like and lithe, with flowing movements.

The Fire-type Fuecoco would instead go through a metamorphosis that would see it end as a Fire and Ghost-type crocodile with a pleasing cry and an interesting musically-inclined signature move. Skeledirge is a great Special Attacker and features solid coverage thanks to its Fire and Ghost moves.

10 Volcarona

The 18 Best Fire Pokemon, Ranked (10)
  • Highest Stat: Special Attack (135)
  • Best Nature: Modest
  • Weak To: Flying (2x), Water (2x), Rock (4x)

Bug-type Pokemon aren’t known to be the strongest of the bunch, but some really manage to stand out. A Bug/Fire-type, Volcarona is one of the more underappreciated of its kind. While it might stand out among other Bug-types, Volcarona is easy to overlook when searching for a great Fire-type party member.

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Low attack and defense don’t do it any favors, so trainers will need to rely on Volcarona’s high special and speed stats. Volcarona’s most effective moves can be found in TM/TRs, as those learned through leveling often don’t maximize its potential. A quadruple weakness to Rock can potentially be countered by teaching it, Solar Beam. But its weakness to Flying-types is harder to overlook.

9 Moltres

The 18 Best Fire Pokemon, Ranked (11)
  • Highest Stat: Special Attack (125)
  • Best Nature: Rash
  • Weak To: Electric (2x), Water (2x), Rock (4x)

Legendary Pokemon are cut from a different cloth when compared to the more readily available pocket companions found in the wild. Moltres is no exception, and while it has its faults, its strength and ability in battle are hard to overlook.

With 100 base attack alongside 125 base special attack, Moltres can do damage with both physical and special moves. Trainers will have to deal with weaknesses to Water, Electric and a quadruple weakness to Rock-type moves. Six resistances, including Fairy, should help even things out.

8 Blaziken

The 18 Best Fire Pokemon, Ranked (12)

When it comes to Fire-type starters, Blaziken consistently ranks as one of the best in the group no matter how many new additions are added in. Charizard might outrank it in terms of popularity, but Blaziken stands alongside the Gen I icon in terms of strength in battle.

Its mega evolved form puts Blaziken on a completely different level. But this Gen III standout is still one of the best Fire-types available outside of the short-lived mechanic. Attack and special attack are where Blaziken shines. Being a Fire/Fighting-type starter gives it tons of flexibility within its learnset, allowing for trainers to approach it in various interesting ways.

7 Charizard

The 18 Best Fire Pokemon, Ranked (13)
  • Highest Stat: Special Attack (109)
  • Best Nature: Mild
  • Weak To: Electric (2x), Water (2x), Rock (4x)

Though it might not be the strongest Fire-type Pokemon out there, Charizard stands as the most iconic of the bunch. Incredibly powerful and insanely popular, Charizard has been the standard for starter Fire-types since its introduction in Gen I.

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Charizard is one of only two Pokemon with multiple mega evolutions. These transformations make it a tough Pokemon to take down, but it still makes a sizable difference in battle thanks to its high speed and special attack. Being Fire/Flying gives it a quadruple weakness to Rock-types. Luckily, teaching it Solar Beam gives Charizard a fighting chance in any disadvantageous matchup.

6 Ceruledge

The 18 Best Fire Pokemon, Ranked (14)
  • Highest Stat: Attack (125)
  • Best Nature: Adamant
  • Weak To: Ground (2x), Ghost (2x), Rock (2x), Water (2x), Dark (2x)

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet introduced two awesome-looking humanoid Pokemon with Armarogue and Ceruledge. These Mega Man-like creatures both feature Fire as their main stat but Ceruledge gets a slight edge thanks to its Ghost typing and signature move. Although Fire and Fighting is a solid combination, Ceruledge's Bitter Blade is a 90 power 100% accuracy move that will heal Ceruledge for 50% of the damage dealt. This makes the Pokemon a bit tankier, giving it greater survivability and allowing it to inflict heavy damage on a wide array of Pokemon.

5 Entei

The 18 Best Fire Pokemon, Ranked (15)
  • Highest Stat: Attack / HP (115)
  • Best Nature: Adamant
  • Weak To: Water (2x), Ground (2x), Rock (2x)

Entei has always been a tricky Pokemon to catch, with many trainers dedicating a lot of time and resources into ensuring its addition to their party. As with any Legendary Pokemon, Entei’s incredible strength and use in battle are what makes it so desirable to trainers.

High HP, attack, and speed are what make Entei stand out among its peers. While its special attack is slightly lower than its attack, some of its best moves, Eruption, and Fire Blast are special. Sacred Fire makes use of Entei’s high attack, and gets STAB alongside the two aforementioned special heavy hitters.

4 Volcanion

The 18 Best Fire Pokemon, Ranked (16)
  • Highest Stat: Special Attack (130)
  • Best Nature: Quiet / Rash
  • Weak To: Ground (2x), Electric (2x), Rock (2x)

Volcanion was first introduced to fans in Gen VI and boasts one of the most unique typings a Fire-type can have; Fire/Water. It was the last Mythical Pokemon of its generation and certainly stood out among its predecessors.

With a base stat total of 600, Volcanion excels in most categories save for speed. Volcanion’s Fire/Water-typing makes it the only Pokemon on this list that has an immunity to Water. But it still has to deal with weaknesses to Ground, Rock, and Electric-types. Like most other Pokemon on this list, teaching it Solar Beam can help even things out.

3 Ho-Oh

The 18 Best Fire Pokemon, Ranked (17)
  • Highest Stat: Special Defense (154)
  • Best Nature: Lonely / Gentle
  • Weak To: Electric (2x), Water (2x), Rock (4x)

Like Moltres, Ho-Oh is a dual Fire/Flying-type Legendary. While Moltres has its Achilles heel, Ho-Oh is much better well-rounded, with a multitude of strengths it can fall back on. A quadruple weakness to Rock-type moves might ward off potential trainers, but immunity to Ground-types alongside a bevy of resistances should compensate for the severe disadvantage.

Ho-Oh’s special defense (154) and attack (130) are its highest base stats, with its base HP coming in at 106. Its special attack comes in just under its attack at 110, giving trainers tons of options when it comes to utilizing the Gen II legendary.

2 Koraidon

The 18 Best Fire Pokemon, Ranked (18)
  • Highest Stat: Attack / Speed (135)
  • Best Nature: Adamant
  • Weak To: Dragon (2x), Psychic (2x), Ice (2x), Flying (2x), Fairy (4x)

Pokemon Scarlet's cover Legendary, Koraidon lives up to its iconic status thanks to its helpful typing and powerful signature move. Players will spend most of their time riding around on the Legendary creature but will also unlock its latent combat abilities, allowing it to unleash its barrage of Fire, Dragon, and Fighting-type moves, accentuated by its high Attack and Speed. Koraidon's Collision Course signature attack has 100 power, 100% accuracy, and does an additional 30% damage if its used as a supereffective move against an opponent.

With a high Speed stat (135), Koraidon can outpace most opponents and knock them out in a single strike.

1 Reshiram

The 18 Best Fire Pokemon, Ranked (19)
  • Highest Stat: Special Attack (150)
  • Best Nature: Modest / Quiet
  • Weak To: Rock (2x), Dragon (2x), Ground (2x)

First introduced in Gen V, Reshiram is a Dragon/Fire-type Legendary that stands out for a number of reasons. With its base stats totaling an incredible 680, Reshiram doesn’t have many weaknesses in its game.

Every one of Reshiram’s base stats, save for its 90 speed, is at least 100. No matter how players decide to approach training this Pokemon, Reshiram will always come out as the absolute best Fire-type in the game. Its signature Blue Flare and Fusion Flare make great use of its 150 base special attack, getting additional STAB alongside a host of other powerful moves in its arsenal.

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