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Getting your hands on the best USB-C charger has become more important than ever. We are almost always surrounded by devices that require juice every now and then. Living the kind of fast-paced lives we’re living, a charger that gets your device from 0% to 100% in a few minutes is what everyone wants. The goal is also to look for a charger with multiple ports so it can cater to all your devices and reduce cable clutter.

TL; DR – These are our picks for the best USB-C chargers:

This guide aims to help you find the best USB-C charger for your devices. The chargers in this guide coupled with the best Type-C charger cables if you’re on Android or the best Apple USB-C cables if you’re an Apple user will make your life much easier. If you’re always on the go though, it’s best to look at the best portable chargers or the best USB-C power banks.

Anker PowerPort Atom PD 4

Best overall USB-C charger

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Anker PowerPort Atom PD 4

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Anker’s PowerPort Atom PD 4 is a great option for if you wish to charge multiple devices at once. It hosts two USB-A and two USB-C ports which means it can replenish a total of four devices simultaneously. With a total output power of 100 watts, it is an absolute powerhouse and more than sufficient for your everyday needs.

It uses the high-speed charging protocol thus making sure your devices are good to go as soon as possible. Weighing just 383g, it is pretty portable and can easily be stowed away in your bag to be taken on the go. One of its most interesting features is intelligent power allocation. As the name suggests, the PowerPort Atom PD delivers charging power to its ports based on the number and types of connected devices.

Satechi 200W USB-C 6-port PD GaN Charger

Best high-end USB-C charger

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It doesn’t get more hardcore than this. At $149, the Satechi 200W USB-C 6-port PD GaN charger is for professionals. It sports six USB-C ports. Two of those are USB-C PD 3.1 that total an output power of 140W. The rest of the four ports feature USB-C PD 3.0 technology and output a maximum 100W.

This is ideal for being used as desktop charger to improve workflow and reduce the mess caused by cables. It supports QC 4.0 (Quick Charge) as well as PPS (Programmable Power Supply). All six ports are assigned a certain output. So, when all of them are being used simultaneously, this is what the power output looks like from top to bottom: 65W, 45W, 20W, 20W, 20W, 20W. The Satechi USB-C charger is admittedly pricey, but it is a solid investment.

Anker PowerPort III Nano

Best low-end USB-C charger

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Anker PowerPort III Nano

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Measuring just about an inch from all sides, this power brick is small but mighty. It outputs a total of 20W which is sufficient to charge your smartphone more than halfway in just 30 minutes. That’s pretty impressive for a charger as tiny as the Anker PowerPort III Nano. Weighing just 30g, it is good to go even in your pocket.

It can also charge Apple’s MagSafe wireless charging system at 15W. The Nano III uses a unique design with custom magnetic components to reduce size, enhance efficiency, and improve heat dissipation.

RAVPower 61W PD 3.0

Best portable USB-C charger

RAVPower’s 61W charger seems too good to be true. It is as small as the Anker Nano III, but much, much more powerful. Totaling 61W, this charger can charge your 13” MacBook Pro to 100% in less than 2 hours. It also claims to charge your iPhones two hours faster than the industry standard. The dock features a light under the port to let you know when it’s charging. The pins are foldable which makes the charger easier to be carried around as well as ensures its safety.

This charger also features GaN tech and a PI chipset which makes it 50% smaller than the regular 61W MacBook charger. It also comes with built-in safeguards that help resist overheating, overcharging, and short-circuiting.

RAVPower 30W Dual Port Compact PD Charger (RP-PC132)

Best fast USB-C charger

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RAVPower 30W Dual Port Compact PD Charger

RAVPower’s 30W Dual Port Compact PD Charger is also a great option if you want to go for portability. Weighing less than 100g and measuring just about 2 inches from all sides, this charger is as portable as it can get. It sports two ports: a USB-C and a USB-A. The ports output 18W and 12W respectively.

Both the ports feature PD 3.0 technology. RAVPower claims they charge three times faster than standard chargers and can charge your iPhone from 0 to 50% in just 30 minutes. Like the RAVPower 61W, this one also sports foldable pins to prevent damage. At $29, this is a pretty good option that can easily cater to your daily charging needs.

UGreen Nexode 140W Charger

Best workstation USB-C charger

Best USB-C Chargers 2023 - IGN (6)

UGreen Nexode 140W Charger

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At $94.9, the UGreen Nexode charger may seem a little pricey, but it’s worth every penny. Sporting two USB-C ports, at 140W and 100W, and one USB-A port at 22.5W, this charger is enough to take care of most of your devices. It supports PD 3.0 and claims that it can take your iPhone to 60% in 30 minutes.

UGreen claims their Nexode 140W charger is 1.8 times faster than a 65W charger. It uses the GaN tech which means you’re getting a compact body with enhanced efficiency and less heat. Weighing 300.5g, it is admittedly heavy but is ideal as a workstation charger.

Nekteck 107W USB-C Charger

Best midrange USB-C charger

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Nekteck 107W USB-C Charger

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Nektek’s 107W USB-C charger is a powerful device offering 107W across three ports. It features two USB-C ports outputting 65W and 30W, and two USB-A ports, outputting 12W each. Weighing 471g, it is a little on the heavy side but as a desktop charger, its weight makes a lot of sense.

The best part about this charger is that it ships with a 100W USB-C cable in the box. This is not only appreciated as a thoughtful gesture but also because it allows us to fully utilize the charger’s PD output. With four ports, the Nektek 107W charger is enough to make sure all your devices are always charged.

What to look for in a USB-C charger?

There are a handful of features that are important to look at in a USB-C charger. Firstly, look at the ports and see if those fit your needs. If you’re looking for a desktop or workstation charger, opt for a charger with at least four to six ports. It’s best to look for a mix of USB-C and USB-A ports. If you need a charger for everyday needs such as charging your smartphone and laptop, around two ports are enough.

Port specification is equally important. With PD 3.0, you can benefit from fast charging. It allows for power delivery of up to 100 watts through a single cable and can power multiple devices simultaneously. Most chargers in our list support PD 3.0 and we wouldn’t recommend buying a charger that doesn’t.

The above-mentioned GaN technology uses gallium nitride instead of the more common silicon in its construction. This makes the charger smaller, faster, and more energy-efficient than a traditional charger. If you’re investing in a new charger, especially for work purposes, it’s best to look for one that features GaN.

Portability is another feature that can be worth looking at if that’s what you need from your charger. If you don’t intend on carrying it around and will use it as a desktop charger only, you can compromise on the weight in exchange for the performance.

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