15 Best Bass Booster Software For Windows PC In 2023 (2023)

Bass adds life to music, making it cheerful and energetic. A song without bass sounds dull and boring. Bass Booster for PC ensures correct music configuration and leverages your audio experience.

Windows 10 comes with an in-built feature for adjusting boost settings but if you wish you can also pick a dedicated bass booster software for superior results.

Here we have compiled a list of some of the best PC bass boosters that are specifically tailored to suit your needs.

15 Best Bass Booster Software For Windows PC In 2023 (1)

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What Are the Best Bass Boosters For Windows 10, 8, 7?

1. Boom 3D

2. Equalizer APO

3. Bass Treble Booster

4. Bongiovi DPS

(Video) The Best Equalizer Software for Windows 10/11 in 2023

5. FX Sound

7. SM Player

8. ViPER4Windows

9. Clementine Music Player

10. GOM Player

11. POT Player

12. Windows Media Player

13. VLC

(Video) 4 Best Audio Enhancers for Windows 10/11 in 2023

14. Moo0 Audio Effect

15. All Player

What Are the Best Bass Boosters For Windows 10, 8, 7?

Whether you’re playing your favorite music, games, or watching movie online, these below-listed bass boosting software will help you manipulate and alter the bass setting according to your taste.

1. Boom 3D

15 Best Bass Booster Software For Windows PC In 2023 (2)

First on our list of top-rated PC bass boosters is Boom 3D. Use the software to achieve highly customized results. It is an award-winning program and works seamlessly well on both iOS and Windows platforms.

Key Features of Boom 3D:

  • With few tweaks and alterations, it can revolutionize your audio experience.
  • It supports 3D sound surround and spatial sound enhancement.
  • It is the best suited pro-audio enhancement tool for home-theatres and gaming.
  • Its intelligent bass boosting capabilities can add extra bass to your music piece.
  • Manage the audio output of individual applications with its app volume controller feature.

15 Best Bass Booster Software For Windows PC In 2023 (3)

2. Equalizer APO

15 Best Bass Booster Software For Windows PC In 2023 (4)

If the above mentioned bass-booster software has not met your requirements then pick the Equalizer APO software to fit your requirements. The tool comes with straightforward working and offers easy tweaking features to improve song performance. An important thing to remember while using the Equalizer APO is that it is essential to reboot your device after installation. Additionally, you should also enable the EQ APO on your playback device.

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Keys Features of Equalizer APO:

  • It does not put unwanted pressure on your device resources.
  • It can easily sync with your device and offers an array of filters.
  • It supports the VST plugin.
  • With its low latency, it can easily sync with various interactive applications.
  • It is powered with a graphical UI.
  • Equalizer APO is a system-wide-equalizer and works comfortably well on Windows 7/8/8.1/10.

3. Bass Treble Booster

15 Best Bass Booster Software For Windows PC In 2023 (5)

Next on our list of bass booster for PC is this incredible tool with class-apart functioning. Use it to alter and apply different settings to improve the sound quality and adjust its frequency to the desired level.

Key Features of Bass Treble Booster:

  • It is packed with 15 different frequency settings.
  • Use it to alter various frequencies ranging from 30 to 19KHZ.
  • With it, you can easily apply bass settings, adjust the volume of your files, and convert your audio files with its custom presets.
  • Its drag-and-drop mechanism makes it working simple.
  • Convent your audios within seconds with its high-end batch conversion capabilities.

4. Bongiovi DPS

15 Best Bass Booster Software For Windows PC In 2023 (6)

Are you looking for an efficient bass booster software that can enhance your audio experience then try Bongiovi DPS. Add a personalized feeling to the songs you listen to and change the way they sound.

Key Features of Bongiovi DPS:

(Video) How to Increase Bass on Windows 10 Headphones and Speakers

  • The tool offers an easy way to correct, improve, and optimize the audio sound equalizer of your device.
  • Its working is enhanced with 120 calibration points and adjustable spatial enhancements.
  • It can fully support internet applications like Face-Time, Skype, etc.
  • It is known for providing lossless sound adjustments in real-time.

5. FX Sound

15 Best Bass Booster Software For Windows PC In 2023 (7)

Looking for a high-end PC media software accessory? FX can be the answer to all your needs. Pick it today to enhance the audio output of sound players like iTunes, Spotify, etc in real-time.

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Key Features of FX Sound:

  • Free yet powerful bass booster for windows 10.
  • It can easily erase any traces of audio compression.
  • It is packed with ambiance adjustments, Deep bass, and Upper bass adjustment options.
  • Optimize the quality of low and average-quality audio tracks.
  • HD music optimization is another notable feature.
  • It can support 7.1 surround sound.
  • It can increase the boost volume and bass of your audio piece by 2 times.
  • FX Sound adds more clarity to your music.

6. Audacity

15 Best Bass Booster Software For Windows PC In 2023 (8)

Another bass boosting software that you can pick is Audacity, an open-source and feature-rich tool. It is a free tool that comes loaded with multiple audio editing features that can help you enhance the audio quality of your device. With Audacity, you can not only make the desired adjustment in bass but also modify the echo, pitch, tempo, treble for a better audio experience.

Key Features of Audacity:

  • It allows you to add effects to only a specific part of your audio piece.
  • It is a freeware tool.
  • Audacity also allows you to directly record your favorite audio piece and play it whenever required.
  • This multi-track audio editor is fully compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux.

7. SM Player

15 Best Bass Booster Software For Windows PC In 2023 (9)

SM Player is yet another best bass booster that you can enjoy in most audio and video formats. It comes with a number of built-in codecs and offers tons of advanced features like audio filter, video filter, video equalizer, change of playback speed, etc. This media player is easy to install and use. If you are looking for a bass booster to fulfill more responsibilities then SM Player is definitely one of the best free bass boosters that you can today.

Features of SM Player:

  • SM Player comes with a number of codecs and gives you the privilege of enjoying a multitude of audio and video formats including AVI, MP4, MKV, MPEG and MOV.
  • It renders a notable bass boost and supports subtitles.
  • You can use this software in different languages like French, German, Spanish, Russian, Italian etc. apart from English.
  • This media player software is easy to install and use. It is free and open-source.

8. ViPER4Windows

15 Best Bass Booster Software For Windows PC In 2023 (10)

This is one of the best bass booster software that you can use. We have kept this software because it works on systems levels and offers an increased bass boost. The software can boost up to 18.06dB; whether you are using third-party software or default software, it can boost.

The best part about this software is that it is available for free. You can easily download and install this software and have the best music hearing experience. It offers various sound effects like VIPER XBass, 3D Surround, Compressor, equalizer, and many others.

Key Features of ViPER4Windows

  • The software has a very clean and easy to use interface
  • It works with all the audio player in increasing boost from system levels
  • It offers many audio modes that can help you while playing audio
  • Using the software, user can boost the levels to 18 dB

9. Clementine Music Player

15 Best Bass Booster Software For Windows PC In 2023 (11)

Clementine Music Player is another excellent bass booster software that you can quickly use and adjust all the levels. Using this software, you can easily play songs even from cloud storage platforms.

The software has a very simple user interface; you can effortlessly search and add new audio files with this software. You can boost bass from any level easily with the software. All the files added to the software are shown on the home screen.

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Key Features of Clementine Music Player

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  • It supports all the major storage website, online platforms, and other websites
  • The software offers more than 10 frequency bands that can be adjusted for the best sound quality
  • All major audio formats are supported in this bass booster software
  • The software offers freedom to the user to increase the frequency band to 60 Hz

10. GOM Player

15 Best Bass Booster Software For Windows PC In 2023 (12)

GOM Player is another great bass booster software that you can use on Windows PC. This is a free-to-use software which offers features like a professional. Using the software you can easily change and boost bass as per needs. Other than this it offers features like VR video support, GOM remote, video player, subtitle finder, and many others.

Key Features of GOM Player:

  • The software is really easy to use and anyone can easily get used to it
  • It supports all the major video formats
  • You can perform various other tasks with this bass booster easily
  • It doesn’t charge any extra fee or subscription amount

11. POT Player

15 Best Bass Booster Software For Windows PC In 2023 (13)

Next up on our list of best bass booster software is the POT player. This is a free video/ audio player that you can use for bass boost. It majorly supports all audio and video formats, so that you can simply add the file and edit it as per requirements. Besides this, it offers features like playback, subtitles, and many others. Some of the key features of this software are listed below, you can check it for detailed information.

Key Feature of POT Player:

  • The user interface is simple and anyone can easily adapt to it
  • You can easily import audio or video files as it supports both
  • It offers online streaming features for ease of the users
  • Completely free to use software with advanced features

12. Windows Media Player

15 Best Bass Booster Software For Windows PC In 2023 (14)

Windows Media Player is one of the most dedicated music player software that comes in-built in Windows PC. The music player can easily play video and audio of numerous formats including WMV, ASF, WMA, AAC, AVI, and more. Furthermore, it is a potent application for boosting bass levels of both video and audio files. The application is very simple to use and can be a perfect option for users who are not tech-manic. It also does not freeze or crash and boasts a beginner-friendly user interface.

Key Features of Windows Media Player:

  • It has a feature that enables the users to burn DVDs and CDs.
  • Lets you easily create excellent music mixes and add them to your music collection.
  • It also allows you to select the file type.
  • Its latest version comes with a new icon called Music Services that allows users to get access to various online music platforms.
  • Possessed with an Easy Search option that lets users browse through distinct files, easily & quickly.

13. VLC

15 Best Bass Booster Software For Windows PC In 2023 (15)

VLC Media Player is another robust and leading multimedia player for the Windows platform. It is a 100% free and open-source media player software for playing videos and audio of a variety of files on a Windows PC. In addition to this, the application can also be used for adding numerous video and audio effects on the presently playing audio or video file. Moreover, with its filter and effects menu, the user can easily see a 10 band equalizer through which they can increase bass levels of video and audio files.

Key Features of VLC Media Player:

  • Supports most multimedia files and distinct streaming protocols.
  • Lightweight and easy-to-use multimedia player.
  • Highly compatible with all major formats like AVI, WMV, MP3, AAc, MP4, etc.
  • The equalizer also offers some presets like pop, full bass, jazz, and more.

14. Moo0 Audio Effect

15 Best Bass Booster Software For Windows PC In 2023 (16)

Our last pick in the category of feature-rich bass boosting software is Moo0 Audio Effect. It is a free tool and comes with an uncomplicated interface. It’s effective working not only allows you to adjust the bass of your audio piece but can also make necessary tweaks in volume, pitch, and its vocals.

Key Features of Moo0 Audio Effect:

  • It can support bass boost up to level 10.
  • It allows you to pitch up/down your audio volume.
  • With its vocal boost feature, you can easily add more strength to a singer’s volume.
  • It supports MP3 and WAV file formats.
  • You can also use it to change Male voice to Female voice and vice-versa with 3 levels of adjustments.
  • It also allows you to adjust the speed of your audio without changing its pitch.

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15. All Player

15 Best Bass Booster Software For Windows PC In 2023 (17)

The next Bass Booster software is All Player. Use the Bass booster to enhance both video & audio files. Moreover, to scan media files use the File Explorer provided by the tool. Simply play files in the Bass booster by dragging and dropping the desired files. Multiple presets such as Classical, Dance, Flat, Treble, etc are available to boost your audio files.

Key Features of all Players:

(Video) How To Download Bass Booster For PC

  • Improvise your Video or Audio listening experience.
  • Subtitles in different languages
  • Available option to play Internet Radio
  • Search and Play movies from the available library
  • Grants parental control to add a password to limit access to your video or audio files.

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Wrapping Up: Booster Software For Windows

A clean and crisp sound is essential to any audio piece. Although Windows comes with an in-built bass booster, it fails to give superior performance. What you need is dedicated bass boosting software that can easily make real-time adjustments and add extra bass to your audio and enhance your overall experience.

In light of this, we suggest you use the bass boosters discussed in this post to make your music more cheerful and energetic.


Does Windows have a bass booster? ›

On the “Properties” window, open the “Enhancements” tab. Then activate the option that says “Bass Boost.” Once you've done that, save your settings by clicking “Apply” followed by “OK” at the bottom.

How can I boost the bass on my computer? ›

Open Volume Mixer on your Taskbar. Click on the picture of the speakers, click the Enhancements tab, and select Bass Booster. If you want to increase it more, click on Settings on the same tab and select the dB Boost Level. Thanks!

What is the best free bass booster? ›

Best bass booster apps for android
  • Music Volume EQ.
  • Equalizer.
  • jetAudio HD Music Player.
  • Bass Booster.
  • Equalizer - Music Bass Booster.
  • Equalizer - Bass Boost.
  • Next Music Player.

How do you get a punchy bass? ›

Punchy bass guitar sound can be achieved through various means; one of the most common ways to achieve this sound is by using a compression pedal. This will help to even out the volume of the bass notes and make them sound more consistent. Another way to get a punchy bass guitar sound is by using a pick.

What equalizer is best for bass? ›

Bass exists between about 20Hz and 200Hz.

If you want to maximize your bass-heavy music, you need to adjust your equalizer within the 20-200Hz range by boosting the decibels (dB) in that range.

What is the Best sound Booster for Windows? ›

Best sound booster software for windows
  • Equalizer APO.
  • Boom.
  • FxSound Premium.
  • Letasoft.
  • Breakaway Audio Enhancer.
  • Bongiovi DPS.
  • SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 13.
  • Volume Booster.

What is Windows Sonic? ›

Windows Sonic is a spatial sound solution in Windows 10 that can enhance your movie or gaming experience. Here's how to turn it on: Select Start > Settings > System > Sound > Related settings > Sound Control Panel, select a playback device, then select Properties.

What Hz is bass? ›

The bass range is a range that many people are passionate about. The bass range area lies around 60 – 250 Hz.

What is the best bass boost level db? ›

In my years of reading audio forums, I've seen a bass boost of 4 to 6dB touted as ideal for music, and a boost of 6 to 8dB as ideal for home-theater systems. I agree with this, generally. Many people seem to want more bass boost for movies than for music because of, well, explosions.

How do I make my sub-bass deeper? ›

Try a different pattern that works with your track. Have the main frequency (the frequency that defines your sound or the one with most 'energy') of your sub-bass hit between 40-60 Hz. Make your kick hit about an octave higher, around 120 Hz. That way it won't interfere with your bass too much.

How do you get an aggressive bass tone? ›

A punchier, cutting tone can be achieved by adding high mids- this will accentuate your attack. If you have a graphic EQ on your amplifier, as many Carvin Audio bass heads do, this sweet spot is in the range of 800Hz- 1.3kHz.

How do you EQ punchy bass? ›

Key Frequency Ranges to EQ Bass

80 – 200 Hz: Fullness. Boosting here adds depth and body, solidifying a robust low end. 200 – 300 Hz: Muddiness loves to live in the 200 to 300 Hz range. If you find your bass guitar lacks clarity, try cutting frequencies in this range to clear things up.

What is the best frequency for deep bass? ›

The best Hz for bass is between 60-250 Hz, as recommended by professionals. These ranges protect speakers from damage and ensure optimal safety and listening experience for you. Listening to bass at too low a frequency outside of this range can damage hearing.

What is the best bass and treble settings? ›

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on personal preference and the type of music you are playing. However, a good starting point is to set the bass to around 4 and the treble to around 6. This will give you a well-rounded sound that is suitable for most genres of music.

Is there a sound booster for Windows 10? ›

Letasoft's application is capable of increasing Windows 10's default volume by 500%. All you have to do is navigate to the Letasoft website and download the Sound Booster application by clicking on the Download Now button. After installation, the free trial version of Sound Booster can be used for 14 days.

How can I make my Windows sound better? ›

5. How to Enable Sound Enhancements
  1. Right-click the speaker icon in your taskbar tray and click Sounds.
  2. Switch to the Playback tab.
  3. Double-click the playback device you want to alter.
  4. Switch to the Enhancements tab. ...
  5. Now, check the sound enhancement you would like, such as Virtual Surround or Loudness Equalization.
Feb 17, 2021

What is the best audio booster? ›

These are our top choices when it comes to the best volume booster apps for android available in the market.
  • Volume Booster GOODEV.
  • VLC for Android.
  • Precise Volume.
  • Super High Volume Booster – Loud Speaker Booster.
  • Speaker Boost: Volume Booster & Sound Amplifier 3D.

Is DTS worth it? ›

Realistic sound quality

Most audiophiles would agree that DTS' sound technology is one of the best when it comes to sound quality.

Is Windows Sonic worth using? ›

Sound can be inaccurate: This spatial sound software only works well in certain situations. It works well with gaming and movies, but can cause audio to sound inaccurate when primarily used for music. Not for speakers: Unsurprisingly, Windows Sonic for Headphones only works well with headphones.

Which is better Dolby or DTS? ›

Which is better: DTS or Dolby Digital? Based on the specs alone, DTS beats its rival with higher bit-rates that promise a more realistic movie experience. That said, other factors such as signal-to-noise ratio and speaker calibration mean that plenty of audiophiles would rate Dolby above DTS.

Is 400Hz a bass? ›

Bass Frequencies and Other Instruments

While the fundamental range of the bass extends up to around 400Hz, most bass playing occurs with fundamentals below that between 40Hz and 200Hz. Though many non-bass instruments can play in their lower range, they're not down there all of the time.

Is 200 Hz a bass? ›

Bass: 60 to 250 Hz

The bass range determines how fat or thin the sound is. The fundamental notes of rhythm are centered on this area. Most bass signals in modern music tracks lie around the 90-200 Hz area.

What frequency do humans talk at? ›

In general, the fundamental frequency of the complex speech tone – also known as the pitch or f0 – lies in the range of 100-120 Hz for men, but variations outside this range can occur. The f0 for women is found approximately one octave higher. For children, f0 is around 300 Hz.

How do I make my sub bass more punchy? ›

To create punchy sub-bass in your master you can use a resonance filter with a high-pass filter around 20Hz, utilize harmonic distortion, try a sub-frequency generator, or compress and amplify the harmonics directly above your sub-frequencies. These techniques will work well but in different circumstances.

What Hz is the deepest bass? ›

Deep bass refers to the audio bandwidth between 16-80Hz. The range of frequencies is most commonly handled by a powered subwoofer receiving an audio signal from an AV receiver or other audio source component the cutoff limit of human hearing where sound enters the "feel zone".

What EQ gives the most bass? ›

Bass exists between about 20Hz and 200Hz.

Every musical note corresponds with a frequency. If you want to maximize your bass-heavy music, you need to adjust your equalizer within the 20-200Hz range by boosting the decibels (dB) in that range.

Which Hz is best for bass? ›


That is two octaves below middle C. The fundamental of a note is its musical pitch. It is also called the first harmonic. The second harmonic is thus twice the pitch frequency and so forth.

What device has the best sound quality? ›

  1. Sony Xperia 1 III. Sony set the standard for smartphone audio quality. ...
  2. Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. For listening or snapping images at a gig, this Samsung is hard to beat. ...
  3. LG G8S ThinQ. The best phone for music overall thanks to its ace audio quality. ...
  4. Apple iPhone 13. ...
  5. Nokia 3310. ...
  6. LG V60 ThinQ. ...
  7. Apple iPhone X. ...
  8. OnePlus 9 Pro.
Nov 8, 2022


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